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Solucorp welcomes Ragn-Sells as our newest representative for the Scandinavian countries of Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia

buttonup.gif (368 bytes) MBS - Molecular Bonding System
This patented sulfide technology provides cost effective and permanent stabilization of metals contaminated soils and industrial wastes. The primary technical advantages of MBS are its minimal reagent requirements (2-5%), and its ability to work over a wide pH range to stabilize multiple metals concurently.
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buttonup.gif (368 bytes) MuckMix - A Patented Solution for Stabilizing Oily Wastes
SOLUCORP has licensed this patented reagent system to provide the most cost-efficient solution for stabilizing large volume oily wastes from the petrochemical industries. The unique benefit of this innovative, low cost technology, is that minimal volume additions of MuckMix result in a load-bearing and leach resistant final product.

SOLUCORP’s goal is to be the environmental industry's premier developer of superior metals remediation technologies providing permanent solutions to targeted problems. The standards that Solucorp sets for all current and future products are at the high levels necessary for the protection of families, communities, and the environment.
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