A Quick Overview

Solucorp Industries Ltd. is a publicly traded corporation, headquartered in West Nyack, NY, USA. Solucorp's shares are traded on the NASDAQ Bulletin Board (OTCBB:SLUP) with a market capitalization in excess of $30 million. Solucorp's focus in the development and marketing of innovative metals treatment technologies and services that protect waste generators from future liabilities.
Solucorp's patented Molecular Bonding System (MBS) cost effectively and permanently remedies soils and industrial wastes contaminated by hazardous metals.  Proven after stringent testing and evaluations by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, MBS is accorded the status of a U.S. EPA Superfund Innovative Technology.  Remediation projects have been completed throughout the U.S. and Canada.   In-Line treatment applications of MBS at industrial facilities are on-going reducing facilities waste management and insurance costs.
Arsenic Cadmium Chromium Lead Mercury Zinc
In conjunction with the Department of Energy's (DOE), Brookhaven National Laboratory and the Envirocare Mixed Waste Treatment Facility, MBS has been proven to stabilize the metals component of radioactive mixed waste.  The cost benefit of "un-mixing" radioactive waste provides a reduction in disposal costs of up to 75%.
Solucorp's Mercon vapor suppressant products provide the most effective solution to poisonous mercury vapors.  Mercon is commercially proven on hundreds of mercury spill clean-up projects, including U.S. EPA emergency response.  Mercon suppresses airborne mercury particles and decontaminates drains, sinks, floors, walls and equipment.
Solucorp owns the license to the patented MuckMix reagent system providing the most cost-effective solution for treating oily waste from petrochemical industries.  The unique benefits of this innovative, low cost technology is that minimal volume additives of MuckMix result in a load-bearing and leach resistant product.  MuckMix has treated over 500,000 cubic yards of hazardous organic soils.
Solucorp through a contractual alliance with GeoMar Holdings, a Delaware Limited Liability Company, is in the Brownfield market with its mission to acquire, remediate, and develop contaminated properties.  Through a series of insurance programs, Solucorp will provide the sellers with an immediate release of environmental liabilities as well as provide future buyers and lenders with comparable programs enabling the improvement and market acceptance of restored assets.